Wildwoods Construction Update – Late Nov 22

It is once again time to visit all the projects taking place in the Wildwoods and report back what we see. The Wildwoods Construction Update video have now became a monthly thing since there is so much construction taking place on the island.

Wildwoods Construction Update - Late Nov 22

Wildwoods Construction Update – Late Nov 22

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While last year it seemed like it was the most we had ever seen in the off-season, this year has even more projects.

Since our last update, a few new projects have started.

One of those projects is the new four-story being built on Old New Jersey avenue. On the South-East corner of Walnut sits an empty lot. For many years this lot had the old blue sign that stated “KingFish Bar… coming 2007.”

It’s been many years since 2007 and nothing ever came of the lot until now.

According to public records, The Inlet is planning on building a four-story building which will include rentable units and a ground-floor food establishment (fast-serve).

Wildwoods Construction Update - Late Nov 22

Wildwoods Construction Update – Late Nov 22

The Inlet’s owners’ main thought process behind this new construction is weddings. As they move closer to being a wedding venue, wedding on the beach, and reception on the desk, they needed a place where the wedding party can get ready. The top floors of the new building would be used for that.

Another new project we cover in this building is the Beach House Motel. It may have a different name but this project is really the Lu Fran Motel. The owners had decided to keep it a motel instead of going condo.

These are just some of the projects filmed in the video below.

If there is a project you want to see featured in our December Wildwoods Construction Update let us know in the comment section.

North Wildwood

  • Beach Erosion

  • North Shore

  • Matador Motel Railings

  • New 4 story building with quick service restaurant

  • 22nd and the boardwalk


  • Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstruction

  • 38 Dwellings at Trinity

  • Collages at the Millers (Mudhen Cottages)

  • The Residence at Pacific

  • Starbucks

  • Sinclair Gas Station

  • Lu Fran Conversion to the Beach Hotel

  • Windward Motel

Wildwood Crest

  • Crest Arts Pavilion

  • Ocean Holiday Update

  • Madison Resort Update

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