Exploring Champagne Island – North Wildwood (Drone)

When I talk about Champagne Island in my YouTube videos I always get people asking “what is Champagne Island?”

Situated within Hereford Inlet in Cape May County, Champagne Island is a small sandbar island that changes in size and shape from year to year, sometimes disappearing altogether.

As history goes, the name Champagne Island goes all the way back to prohibition. The island was a drop point for alcohol to be dropped off at. In the night folks would make their way on to the island to grab the booze and get out of town.

It brings up a funny story of when over 200 baby alligators were mistakenly let free on the island because the police thought the crates were bottle of alcohol…but let’s save that story for another time.

I decided to throw my drone up in the air to give you a tour of Champagne Island. On this day it was quite packed.

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