Touring The Lazy Bass (New Bar)

Touring The Lazy Bass (New Bar)

Touring The Lazy Bass (New Bar)

There is a new bar ‘in’ the Wildwoods called The Lazy Bass Bayside Bar and Grill. It’s located at 4001 Old North Wildwood Blvd. That’s right!! It’s located tucked in on Old North Wildwood Blvd.

For those who don’t know where that is, it’s located right next to the North Wildwood bridge/overpass. This new secret spot is the place you have been looking for!

While it’s address is in North Wildwood it is technically in Middle Township. It’s Middle Township’s first and only bar on the water.

Besides an awesome atmosphere The Lazy Bass offer amazing sunsets from a point of view you may have never seen before. (We suggest going at the golden hour).

The bar is broken down into three sections, the beach, the bar and the deck. When we went they had a live singer and the Flyers game on. We had a blast.

I took my camera with me to give you a tour.

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