Trump Boat Parade – Pro Law Enforcement + Pro Veteran Boat Parade – (Drone) – N. Wildwood

Trump Boat Parade

Trump Boat Parade

NOTE: This is not a political post/video. We report on any event that takes place in the Wildwoods

Today, September 5th, there was a boat parade in support of our Veterans, Law Enforcement and President Trump. It started in Cape May Harbor and made its way to Hereford Inlet in North Wildwood.

To hear that hundreds of boats were doing a parade was something that peaked my mind. The reports were saying that there would be roughly about 1,000 boats.

As I recall we had never had this happen before. I wanted to video it for the archive. When we went we hit the tail end of the boat parade. 

I decided to take my drone to Hereford Inlet and film what I saw.

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