Off-Duty Fireman Saves 4 In Ocean Rescue

Roughly 8:30pm last night many sirens were heard through-out the city of North Wildwood.

Off-Duty Fireman Saves 4 In Ocean Rescue

Off-Duty Fireman Saves 4 In Ocean Rescue

According to reports, three teenage kids were swimming in the ocean at 11th street. With it being after-hours there were no lifeguards on duty. One of the teenagers swam back to shore while the other two continued to swim further out.

As the two teenagers tried to swim back to land they were having a hard time. The teenager on the beach ran back to get his Dad, who was only a half-block down the beach.

As soon as the father arrived he and his son swam out to recuse the two teenagers but also got into trouble while trying to swim back.

An off-duty firefighter, who was on the beach with his family, saw the commotion and decided to jump in to help.

He grabbed two boogie boards and swam out to the group. They all then jumped on the boogie boards and made their way back to land.

All four were taken back to the 16th street North Wildwood Beach Patrol headquarters for evaluation.

This is just a BIG reminder to always swim near a lifeguard and also to never swim at dusk!

Thank you to the un-named off-duty firefighter. At this time there is no information on where the firefighter is stationed. By sure to tune back later for more info!

Photo by Charles Wheeler

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