Gov Murphy’s Office Called To Help Remove H2oi Event

By now, it’s no secret that this Weekend, Sept 23rd-25th, has been called by many as their worst Wildwood weekend ever. Over the course of 48 hours we along have received roughly 100 messages regarding the out-of-control unsanctioned car event, iH20.

Gov Murphy’s Office Called To Help Remove H2oi Event

Gov Murphy’s Office Called To Help Remove H2oi Event

For those who are unaware, for the past few years, iH20 was a car event that used to take place in Ocean City, Maryland. Just like what is happening here used to happen in OC which local newspapers such as the ‘Delmarva Now’ dubbed a “storm of sorts.”

Doughnuts, burnouts, and other daring roadway stunts have taken place all over the Wildwoods including, which hasn’t been confirmed by police now but throwing rocks at police cars.

Videos and photos have been surfacing in the Wildwoods and in Middle Township showing these drivers drag racing, spinning their cars in the middle of the street, and almost hitting pedestrians.

(See some of these videos including the drag-racing, an accident, and more at the bottom of this page)

On Friday and Saturday, the cities of Wildwood and North Wildwood addressed the problems and told the public that they were calling in backups from all over the county to help and control this problem. This weekend had always involved a ton of police presence since it is the North Wildwood Irish Fall Festival, the classic car show, and Oktoberfest.

Due to the massive influx of drivers and spectators of the iH20, the Cape May Country sheriff’s office had sent more police to help out through Saturday night but it turned out there were just too many racers for the police to handle.

At 1 am the morning of September 25th, the city put out a press release stating that the situation has gotten so bad that the city called the New Jersey Governors office for state backup.

The Press Release is below.

The Board of Commissioners has been monitoring the unsanctioned H2oi/H2022 event all weekend. The city of Wildwood Police and our neighboring towns have been on the alert and responding to calls and offering assistance.

As things escalated this evening, Mayor Byron spoke directly to Governor Murphy from the Command Center to call in additional support to help our police. Police departments from as far away as Atlantic City and additional State Police are coming to respond.

We would like to thank the Wildwood Police and Fire Departments, State Police and police departments from the Wildwoods, Atlantic City, Ocean City, Upper, Middle, Lower, and Cape May for their assistance. Every available police officer and fire patrol was called in, and despite being grossly outmanned, are doing a great job as dispatch works extremely hard to keep up with the calls.

Please stay inside and off the streets as we work to disburse the cars and crowds.

Mayor Byron will be in the Command Center all night coordinating with the Governor’s Office as more help is needed.

Check out some of the videos below.

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