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Walking the Boardwalk at Night 2022

Walking the Wildwood Boardwalk at Night 2022

The biggest thing we do here at Wildwood Video Archive is record the history that is taking place all over the Wildwoods in real-time. 

We like to do that by filming different projects to showcase in our Monthly Wildwoods Construction updates. These videos are used as a reference for the future so that if people can say, “that’s what used to be there,” they could pull up the video and find out.  These videos are filmed roughly about every 6 weeks.

In the history of the Wildwoods, there have been so many historical buildings that we lost. Many of these amazing properties only have a photo or two. The oldest footage the Wildwoods is a promotional video filmed back in 1915. Don’t you wish that we had more over the course of the century?

We wanted to record these videos for future generations.  Since the Wildwood Boardwalk has about 20 new businesses on the boardwalk every year, people always wonder, “what used to be in this location.” The WVA decided to start a new tradition where we walk the entire length of the Wildwood Boardwalk and record all the businesses. Once we record them we can add them to the online Archive. This way you can go back years from now and see what used to stand anywhere on the boardwalk. 

This is the first year that we recorded the boardwalk in this style. There are some online from the 1970s which some say are the first-ever full recordings of the boardwalk. 

The video at the bottom of this article was filmed during the last week of August.

Join us as we walk the entire 1.8 miles of the Wildwood Boardwalk. Be sure to point out anything we may have missed.

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