Wildwood Comments on Unsanctioned H2oi Car Event

Press Release

WILDWOOD, NJ – The Board of Commissioners and Wildwood Police Department are aware that an unsanctioned event is being planned to take place in Wildwood, NJ this coming weekend  9/23/22 – 9/25/22.

Wildwood Comments on Unsanctioned H2oi Car Event

Wildwood Comments on Unsanctioned H2oi Car Event

The Board of Commissioners emphasizes that all visitors to the Wildwoods are welcome and are expected to obey all ordinances and laws during their visit.

Regarding the H2oi (a.k.a. H2022) gathering, Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto said:

This is an unsanctioned event. The City of Wildwood Police Department will have extra personnel on duty should participants interested in this event decide to visit our community and not comply with State Laws and Municipal Ordinances.

The Wildwood Police Department maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding the enforcement of careless and or reckless driving as a paramount concern. Violations of this policy may result in the vehicle being impounded.

All violations will be strictly upheld within the Municipal Court System and the most severe penalty permitted by law will be pursued. This is the only warning that will be issued. We strongly recommend that any interested participants comply with the Statutes of the State of NJ and the Ordinances of the City Of Wildwood.

The City has an event permitting process in place for all sanctioned events that require the input and approval of the Wildwood Police Department, Wildwood Fire Department, Wildwood Beach Patrol, and Public Works, as well as the cooperation of other agencies. Anyone seeking to host an event in Wildwood may apply online at https://app.apply4.com/eventapp/usa/wildwood.

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