North Wildwood Police Statement On Unsanctioned Car Event

If you were in the Wildwoods last night you would have heard the roaring of cars all night long. While there is a classic car show taking place on the island, this roaring wasn’t from them. It was caused by the unsanctioned car event, H20i.

North Wildwood Police Statement On Unsanctioned Car Event

North Wildwood Police Statement On Unsanctioned Car Event

You may have heard of this event before since it had been in the news for many years in Ocean City Maryland for the same issues we are seeing in the Wildwoods. From roaring engines all night to racing down New Jersey and Ocean avenues, they have become a problem.

The North Wildwood Police department put up a statement in regard to this event. You can read it below.

Press Release

Statement by Chief of Police John Stevenson regarding the unsanctioned H20i event taking place in the Wildwoods this weekend:

Several social media posts have been stating there are going to be multiple “pop-up meets” in the Acme Shopping Center parking lot. Our business partners throughout North Wildwood have been contacted and are on board with enforcement of loitering and trespassing in their private property parking lots.

The North Wildwood Police has a zero-tolerance policy in place in reference to disorderly conduct and reckless driving for this weekend.  All days off have been canceled for all officers as we were already at full staffing for Irish Weekend. 

We are also supplemented by officers from the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office and have a booking team in place staffed by Cape May County Correctional officers.

We hope everyone has a good time at the Fall Classic Car Show in Wildwood and the Irish Fall Festival here but we will not tolerate the nonsense.  Have a great rest of your weekend!

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