Help Save The Wildwood Historical Society's Roof

Help Save The Wildwood Historical Society’s Roof

Hey folks! 

Please do us a favor and donate to the GoFundMe account to help save the building that houses the Wildwoods History. Below is the post the George F. Boyer Museum posted on Facebook. If everyone who read this article donated a dollar we would be done in one day! Please consider helping.


The building that houses the Wildwood Historical Society is over 100 years old and has a leaky roof and cracked asbestos shingles. The nonprofit historical organization needs to repair these in order to protect this historic building and vast collection of Wildwood memorabilia. The first phase of the roof has already been completed, which involve repairing the rear roof. But the front of the museum, which houses boardwalk memorabilia including countless Castle Dracula artifacts, is flooded every time it rains. Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 so that we may protect Wildwood history for generations to come. We have a contract with a local roofer/sider but cannot pay them until we are able to afford the roof and siding.

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