Hurricane Florence Sunday Update

While we are still getting closer and closer a Hurricane Florence landing, it is still a bit unclear of the exact location.

Here is the latest on Hurricane Florence according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and our very own SNJ.coms NorEasterNick.

There is an increasing risk of two life-treatening impacts from Florance. 1. A storm surge at the coast, 2. freshwater flooding from a prolonged heavy rainfall event inland.

While it’s too soon to determine the exact timing, location, and magnitude of these impacts, interests at the coast and inland from South Caroling into the mid-Atlantic Region should closely monitor the progress. What we do know is that Hurricane Florence will be a major 4 category hurricane

According to Nick, (Whose broadcast you can watch at the bottom of the page), there are two scenarios the storm can run into.

In scenario number one, as pictured below, the high front stays strong causing Hurricane Florence to push into South Carolina and gets stuck into a stall over North and South Carolina.  This would cause not only a storm surge but also the inland flooding as the hurricane will just sit in place.

Hurricane Florence Sunday Update

Hurricane Florence Sunday Update

In scenario number two, as pictured below, the high pressure wall weakens which would allow Hurricane Florence to through the Carolina and up towards New York state. This would impact our area.

Hurricane Florence Sunday Update

Hurricane Florence Sunday Update

You can view nick’s broadcast below!


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