Keeping The Wildwood Boardwalk Safe For Visitors

Wildwood Mayor, Pete Byron, was on PIX 11 News, which is in New York City, to discuss the new beach and boardwalk rules that went into effect as of last Friday May 8th. Those rules allowed visitors on the boardwalk to exercise and allowed visitors to sit on the beach. Until this point the beaches in Wildwood and North Wildwood were only open for exercise.

Keeping The Wildwood Boardwalk Safe For Visitors

Keeping The Wildwood Boardwalk Safe For Visitors

In his interview with PIX 11 reporter Dan Mannarino, he talked about the precautions the Wildwoods are taking to help people feel safe.

In terms of measures on the boardwalk, they are adding a cycled message to the public address system that reminds visitors to practice social distancing. This message will be on a 15 minute cycle and can be heard through-out the Wildwood boardwalk.

In addition to the message they are adding ambassadors on the boardwalk. They will be walking the boards and remind folks about the social distancing if they see groups starting to form. On top of that police will be on the boardwalk to help enforce the 6-foot-rule.

Off the boardwalk and on to the beach Byron says that the beaches are big enough for people to be six feet away. Knowing that we have been following these rules for the past two months he believes we are all educated enough to know how to distance ourselves on the beach.

When asked if the rides will be open he said that at this time The Wildwoods are waiting on the Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, on when all the Jersey show towns can open their stores and amusement parks (Morey’s Piers). At this time the only places open are take out food businesses. You can click the link below to see those businesses.

Wildwood Restaurant’s Opening Dates

When it comes to fines Byron says that the city isn’t looking to issue tickets or lock up folks for not following the rules but he says we need to be reminded that it is important to follow the rules.

In North Wildwood signs where posted alone the beach showing two people and a 6-foot dolphin between them. These are the kinds of signs we are going to be posted through-out the Wildwoods to remind folks to distance ourselves.

We do know that last night all the shore town mayors got on a call with Governor Murphy. Tune back in later for that update!

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