Tram Car Opening Date And Covd-19 Protocols

Tram Car Opening Date And Covd-19 Protocols

Tram Car Opening Date And Covd-19 Protocols

The biggest question that has been set to us via Facebook is “when will the tram cars start running for the season.” This is a great question as the tram car normally starts to run in late April or March depending on when Morey’s Piers open for the season.

This past year, minus covid-19, has surely been an interesting one for the tram car. Towards the end of the season the tram car wasn’t able to run the full length of the boardwalk due to the foundation of the pathway that the tram car runs on not being safe enough.

From February into March the city had been working their tails off to get the boardwalk fixed so that the tram cars could start running gain. We toured under the boardwalk to see the progress. Click the link below for the under the boardwalk tour.

Wildwood Boardwalk Repair Update

Just a day after we recorded this video, a massive wind storm blew into town causing this section of the boardwalk to blow over. You can check out the tour of the damage via drone by clicking the link below.

Wildwood Boardwalk Damage Via Drone

As of today the city is fixing the damaged section of the boardwalk with hopes of getting it fixed by Memorial Day Weekend.

This plus Covid-19 pushed back the start date of the reopening of the tram car to May 26th, the day after Memorial Day.

I know by now you are asking, how is the city going to make the tram car safe enough to ride.

We spoke to North Wildwood Mayor, Patrick Rosenello, who is also in charge of the Boardwalk SID, about how they are going to keep the tram car safe to ride.

Rosenello said that they “are working on some common sense, innovative mitigation protocols for the Tram Cars.  These protocols will protect our customers and staff while maintaining the authentic Tram Car experience.”

The new protocols will be unveiled next week

Tune back later for more information.