Mack’s Pizza Offering Outdoor Dining!

Mack’s Pizza Offering Outdoor Dining!

Mack’s Pizza Offering Outdoor Dining!

As of Monday June 15th, restaurants in New Jersey are allowed to offer outdoor dining. For some restaurants it’s a bit easier as they can use their parking lots but restaurants on the boardwalk are having a harder time adjusting.

Over the weekend Mack’s Pizza, the Roberts Ave location, got a little bit creative. Normally at the back of Mack’s Pizza is a red door that says do not enter. I, for those who don’t know, opens up to a patio/break area for employees.

They decided to open this door and allow guests dine outside. Though the area is tiny they made sure to keep all tables 6 feet apart which allowed them about 8 tables or roughly 30 guests.

While we know not all places on the boardwalk have a secret patio we never heard about but we hope that boardwalk restaurants that do have parking lots start using them soon.

We visited restaurants all over the island on Sunday to show you how restaurants are setting up for outdoor dining. (See video below).

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