Wildwood Boardwalk Repairs Completed !

Wildwood Boardwalk Repairs Completed

Wildwood Boardwalk Repairs Completed

Here is some great news coming out of Wildwood! The Wildwood Boardwalk repairs are finally fixed and cost the tax payers nada!

For those who don’t know the section of the boardwalk from the Wildwoods convention Center to the Wildwood Sign was under construction. They were adding supports to the boardwalk and replacing some wood.

We toured the boardwalk on April 12th to give our viewers an update on the progress. (See Video Below) By this time this section of wood wasn’t fastened to the boardwalk.

On April 13 a massive wind storm hit the boardwalk causing these unfastened sections to get pulled up and sent a few feet away.

We visited that day to show what the boardwalk looked like. (See Video Below)

This damage sadly pushed back the completion of the project from Memorial Day to an unknown date.

Luckily for us the city had been working hard to get it back open for us. Yesterday the city announced that the insurance carrier agreed to pay for the repairs in full which would mean that the taxpayer wasn’t footing the bill!

Mayor Pete Byron confirmed that the repairs were at zero cost to taxpayers: “Addressing long-standing infrastructure issues without burdening taxpayers is at the top of our agenda, and we are pleased that our constituents will not be unnecessarily burdened by this unexpected expense.”

We will be out there on Monday to film an updated video for you!

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