A Little Disney Comes To Wildwood

There is some really cool news coming out of Wildwood. Our friend, Randy Senna, brought a bit of Disney magic to the Wildwoods.

Yesterday afternoon as we were driving around and filming the rest of the Casa Del Ray getting knocked down (We will have a video on that next week), we noticed something strange at Pine.

Two beautiful double decker buses were sitting in the parking lot. We drove by to grab a few photos and a video. (See Below).

It wasn’t until later in the night that Randy posted online what they were! In a Facebook post online, Randy says;

“Around noon time this afternoon, a special low riding flat bed tractor trailer arrived in Wildwood, carrying what people instantly recognized at a Bus from Walt Disney World…

Less then five minutes later, a second low riding tractor trailer arrived, carrying another, and we were being invaded by Double Decker Omni buses, from Walt Disney World.”

That’s right! The real buses from Disney’s Main Street!

For those who don’t know, Randy, who owns and operates the Retro arcade on the boardwalk, used to work at Disney as one of the drivers of these Omni buses.

In his own words he did this because;

“So I wanted to create some new OUTDOOR Activities for folks to experience, since inside activities may not happen this season at all… In keeping with the preservation of all fun things I experienced in my life, I have brought the Main Street Omni Bus to Wildwood.”

His goal is to give people rides around our area with stops throughout the area such as the Wildwood Entrance Sign, Fox Park, Byrne Park, and the New Boardwalk drop off area on Cedar Ave.

He goes on to say; “I know folks always enjoyed riding the Main Street Omni Bus, when I got to drive her from Town Square, to Cinderella Castle, and I would like to create that same magic for folks here in Wildwood.”

Randy will reach out with more information as soon as he gets things ready to go. Thank you Randy for a little bit of Disney Magic!

Tune back later for more details

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