Maelstrom SOLD

Maelstrom SOLD

Maelstrom SOLD!

It’s official people! The Maelstrom, which was located next to the Wave Swinger on Mariners Landing is no more!

A few weeks back we had announced that that the Maelstrom was sitting on the beach and will be leaving the pier but now we can announce that it will definitely not be moved anywhere else on the boardwalk. It instead was sold to another amusement company.

If you want to see our first announcement and video of the Maelstrom on the beach click the link below.

Morey’s Maelstrom Is No More!

We have had tons of questions asking what will be taking it’s place. For the time being a long range basketball game will be there. It is a perfect location for one of these.

As you may know, in order to make room for the new coaster on Surfside pier, Morey’s had to demolish the long range basketball game. Instead of getting rid of it completely it is getting moved in the Maelstrom’s space!

We took a tour of the Maelstrom sitting on the beach. You can check that video out below!

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Photo by Torsten D

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