MAJOR Overhaul For Morey’s Adventure Pier Proposed

We have some MAJOR breaking news for you today!!!

There had been rumors floating around that Morey’s Piers was working on a big project for one of their piers. This rumored project, as told to us, was supposed to change a large section of one of their piers. Today we were able to confirm this rumor and get our hands on the plans!

During a zoning meeting on June 1st, Morey’s proposed a massive renovation to Adventure Pier. This project would be a complete redesign of the front of the pier and include a food hall with many different kinds of foods and possible alcoholic beverages. 

For those who don’t know what a food hall is, to sum it up, it is a collection of small independent businesses located in containers or old wearhouses, that showcase different styles of food.

It’s a big trend that is popping up around the country. A few examples you could google would be Steelcraft in Long Beach, The Yard in San Francisco, or the Bowery Market in NYC.

We were able to get our hands on the plans and this is what we have found.

MAJOR Overhaul For Morey's Adventure Pier Proposed

MAJOR Overhaul For Morey’s Adventure Pier Proposed

The plan calls for the removal of the current Kohrs Brothers building (they aren’t leaving), the water game, and two existing kiosks at the front of the pier. The Food Hall is going to be using a number of containers to expand the current art box container area and be placed on the front of the pier. In these containers will be food and alcoholic beverage services. It is Morey’s Piers intents to license the entire pier area for alcoholic beverage service.

For the project there will be 14 additional containers up to twenty feet and 11 additional container up to forty feet needed with some of the restaurants having a second level. Other restaurants in the Food Hall may be in food trucks or food trailers instead of containers.

For a while now Morey’s had been testing out this style without you noticing it. I bet you remember seeing Aloha or Annie Ann’s on the pier. I believe that it’s with the success of these tests that pushed them to the next step.

At this time the only two food spots we know for sure will be on the pier is Curley’s Fries and Kohrs Brothers. This will make a lot of people happy who walk from the Crest to Mariners Pier for Curley’s. Kohrs Brothers will be located in one of the containers.

On top of all of this, the front of the pier will finally have an entrance that it deserves! If all goes well we can see this come together for 2021!

Tune back later for more information.

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