Man Training for Marathon Causes Crest School To Lockdown

On Monday police sirens had been sounding throughout the island. Along with the sirens came first responders from not just on the island but all over Cape May County. Many folks reached out to us to see what was going on.

Man Training for Marathon Causes Crest School To Lockdown

Man Training for Marathon Causes Crest School To Lockdown

In short, it was a case of a mistaken threat. Let’s explain.

Yesterday morning at 8:07 am, Wildwood Crest police received many reports that a man wearing a strange vest was running near the Wildwood Crest Memorial School.

Located at 9100 Pacific Ave in WildwoodCrest, Wildwood Crest Memorial School has been back in session for about two weeks now.

When reports of a man running around the school reached the police, they had the school shut down as a safety precaution.

Once on the scene, police started their search but were unable to find the man. After other agencies got involved they found the man and the strange vest. Some of the agencies included  Wildwood PD, Lower Township PD, and the Cape May County Sheriff’s Department.

What people thought was a bulletproof vest wound up being a weighted running vest. It turned out that the man was training for a marathon and needed a weighted running vest to help push his workouts.

In a statement online Wildwood Crest Police that that “There were no direct threats made towards the school at any time during the incident” and that “the Administration and faculty at Crest Memorial School followed their safety protocols and all students at the school were safely sheltered until they were reunited with their parents.”

Thank you to all the agencies for taking care of our kids, especially the Wildwood Crest Police Department. 

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