FBI Helicopters Are Training In Cape May

Helicopters Are Training In Cape May

Military Helicopters Are Training In Cape May

How cool is this! It is always wonderful to see our service men and woman in action! [Photos at the Bottom] 

Yesterday around 3pm we had heard reports of a helicopter hovering over a ship off the coast of Cape May. It looked like there were three unmarked helicopters circling a ship that looked to be the Cape May Whale Watcher. 

Hours after the event was recorded we had gotten our answer. 

Employees who were at Two Mile Landing, located at 1 Fish Dock Road in Wildwood Crest, were in for a treat when military choppers and trucks showed up in the parking lot. The chopper landed and picked up the crew according to employee Robert C.

Back at the Cape May Airport, on-looker Werner T, talked to the pilots while they were refueling and found out that the helicopters are a FBI HH-60 Ms and that they’re up from Virginia doing a hostage extraction practice mission. It turned out that Cape May Whale Watcher wasn’t in danger but instead was helping out our service men and women! 

We did have a video to show you but had been asked to remove it. Hoping to have a new one soon! 

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Photos by Chris Hedstrom

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