Missing The Tram Car on This Winter Day (Letter to Editor)

We always have people write to us with their Wildwood stories and questions and here is one I want to share with you.

“It’s mid-winter and I am itching to jump on the tram car and take a nice ride down the boardwalk. As I sit looking out my window I can almost feel the summer breeze brush up against my face, the smell of funnel cake whisking in the air and the laughs of families making memories. It’s this time of year that I start to really miss Wildwood and being that I am from Pittsburgh, where the ocean feels to be a billion miles away, what can I do to curb my summer obsession?”

…Tom C.

I bet that many of you who are reading Tom’s statement have some kind of Wildwood activity that you wish you could do all year round. For me it’s crabbing on the back bays of Wildwood with my family. (Feel free to share your story in our comment section).

Well Tom here is something you can do.

Check out this Hollywood level quality tram car ride.

Tom, you are the prime example of why I created this site. Whenever you want a little dash of Wildwood you can come here and get lost in Wildwood videos from 1915 to today!