Missing Wildwood Neon Sign Found On Ebay

Back in June 2018 we announced on our website that the Sea Shell Motel, located at 4900 Atlantic Ave in Wildwood was sold for $750,000. You can read about the sale by clicking the link below.

The Sea Shell Motel SOLD

After the sale of the property the name of the motel changed to the Sun Shine motel. The motel got a paint change from yellow to orange and the Sea Shell Motel sign disappeared.

For many, the Sea Shell Motel sign was like an iconic sign as it was one of the first motel signs you saw when you drive down Rio Grande. Folks assumed that the new owners just thew away the sign but just recently it showed up.

The sign, which was built in the 50s, was one that I think would have been a nice addition to the historical society but instead was found listed on Ebay.

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That’s right. It was listed online for $7,500. I want to share with you the description of the listing because the last line of it is important to us here was the WVA.

“The Seashell Motel neon sign was one of the best known and photographed in the famous neonland of Wildwood NJ. It hung for over a half century at Atlantic & Rio Grande Aves. a block from the boardwalk/beach on the main boulevard in and out of the city.

   A double sided classic of pink, turquoise, white and yellow neon, it was always lit until 2 yrs. ago when new owners bought the diverse Seashell complex which started out as a motor court in 1950.

   It defiantly fully glowed all during Hurricane Sandy in 2013 when the island was evacuated, a comforting sight from our studios across the street as we rode out the storm which fortunately did little damage to this area.

   The sign was unceremoniously taken down this past Memorial Day weekend, the lower vacancy section (separate piece) taking the brunt of the removal, the lower bottom motel section is also warped, this is from water collecting over the years to its low point.

    About half the neon tubing survived the haphazard dismantling, some units need repair, some have to be done over if you desire the other side to be relit. We have all the patterns for the neon. Some working transformers remain inside, others were removed and are available. The well-made channel letters are crusty yet still very solid, the whole sign has that great aged patina collectors desire.Many additional photos are available of this sign if you google Seashell Motel, Wildwood.

    All the angle iron remains inside for moving and hoisting, sign measures 88″ in height, 8′ long (add another foot for angle iron) and 15″ deep. It will take four strong individuals to lift this classic if no lift or dolly is available. Some of the metal face has separated from the outer metal shell, about 1′ on top area and 2′ on bottom, this does not interfere with lighting or lifting the sign. This sign is the real deal and if your plan is to display it outside, you will be needing some professional metal fabrication/maintenance. Inside display recommended, not much to do to it except TLC.  SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY.  If the sign does not sell as is it will be reworked for display in local museums here, and offered to previous collectors, as well as keeping it here if conditions permit.”

Read that last line again… “If the sign does not sell as is it will be reworked for display in local museums here”

We need this sign at the Wildwood historical museum OR the Doo-Wop Experience.

This is Wildwood’s history and it deserves to stay in the Wildwoods!!

Im not sure how we can save it. Maybe a go-fund me or…. lets see what we can do! 

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