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Morey’s Opening Day 2023 Recap

Morey’s Opening Day 2023 Recap

This weekend was opening weekend for Morey’s Piers as they celebrate their 54th season on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

Morey’s Piers has been a popular destination for families and thrill-seekers since it first opened in 1969, and this year promises to be no exception.

Morey's Opening Day 2023 Recap

Morey’s Opening Day 2023 Recap

Opening on Friday, May 5th, only Mariner’s Pier (middle pier) was open for guests to enjoy.

This weekend, commencing May 5th, Mariners Pier will be the only pier open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Surfside Pier will kick off its season on May 20th, with the Adventure Pier opening a little later on May 26th.

For those interested in the water parks, the Raging Waters Water Park will open on June 3rd, while the Ocean Oasis Water Park will open on June 17th.

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Just as a reminder, Raging Waters is located at the end of Mariner’s Pier with Ocean Oasis is located at the end of Surfside Pier.

Mariner’s Pier has undergone some improvements for the 2023 season, including the rebranding of Jumbo’s Grub and Pub into Founder’s Grub and Pub.

The restaurant’s name is derived from the Morey family’s desire to pay homage to the founders who contributed to the development of Morey’s Piers into the cherished attraction it is today.

As Morey’s Piers has remained a family-owned and operated business since its inception in 1969, the restaurant’s name is intended to recognize the parents of the current generation, who invested all their resources into the enterprise.

Prior to the Morey Brothers owning the amusement parks, they built most of the Doo-Wop motels on the island including the Jolly Roger, Port Royal, Pan American, Blue Palms, and more.

The Wildwood Video Archive stopped by the Founder’s Grub and Pub to see the changes. Inside you will find historic photos of Morey’s Piers throughout the generations. The tables are decorated with amusement news from Coney Island up through Morey’s modern history.

The menu included some additional new items on top of the fan-favorite items you loved from Jumbos.

After lunch, the WVA explored the piers and filmed a walking tour showcasing how busy the pier was for opening weekend.

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You can watch Morey’s Opening Day 2023 Recap video at the bottom of this page.

Since it was the opening weekend not all the rides were operating but most were. Rides such as the Ghost Ship, Pirates of Wildwood, and Moby Dick were all off for the day.

Those wondering when the Ghost Ship will open, we were told there would be a possibility of it opening this year. Since the ride had sat in the elements for a few years some of the props, decorations, and paint need a refreshing. No word on if it will be 100% coming back this year but we can hope.

Most of the renovations happening on Morey’s Piers are taking place over at Adventure Pier.  New for 2023 is a complete re-theme of the front facade of the pier.

Over the winter Morey’s Piers removed Boat Tag and demolished Kohr’s Brothers to make room for a new food hall at the front of the pier.

This new food hall will be constructed of shipping containers, just like the containers located in the ArtBox.

Kohr’s Brothers will be rebuilt into a double-decker building with a viewing seating season on top.

New on the Adventure Pier will be a third Curly’s Fries location! As of this weekend, both the Kohr’s Brothers and Curly’s Fries buildings are in place and construction of them is moving fast.

The Curly’s Fries shipping container got a nice bright yellow paint job. Construction on that pier will be done in time for their opening weekend.

At this time, there don’t look to be any renovation projects taking place on Morey’s Surfside Pier.

The WVA wishes Morey’s Piers a successful 2023 summer season.

Word of advice, don’t eat the funnel prior to going on the Sea Serpent. Let’s just say your yummy won’t be happy. (It was still worth it).

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[Special Thank you to Mark Matthews for the Adventure Pier Photos]