Movie Filming In Cape May + Wildwood

Lights, camera action Cape May County!! There is a movie filming all over Cape May and Wildwood!

Movie Filming In Cape May + Wildwood

Movie Filming In Cape May + Wildwood

Over past few weeks we had been noticing some film cameras around Cape May County. From the Douglas pavilion on the Wildwood Boardwalk to the Cape May beach, a small camera crew was making their way around the towns.

After doing some digging we found that the Indie movie, “Come What May,” was doing a little test shooting.

“Come What May,” is a small production out of New York who wants to bring a very interesting story to life.

The premise of “Come What May” goes like this;

“After suffering a head injury, discharged soldier Damien takes lodging with a local family, in the town of Cape May. Determined to leave the area, familiar events continue to conspire his stay, quickly making it impossible to differentiate between the troubles of the Mackaws and the nostalgia of his own life.”

While the production team doesn’t want to give too much away, they were able to tell us that the theme explores some wandering odyssey’s, military truisms, travelogue’s and coast guard stories.

Currently they are wrapping up test shoots but if all goes well they will being doing a full feature production in January 2022. (so stay tuned for that).

It is always amazing to see crews down here filming. We wish the team a ton of luck!

As you know, in the past few years we have had a few different film crews down here with the last movie, “Wetlands” filming back in 2016.

If you want to see how they filmed “Wetlands” in Wildwood, click the link below.

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