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Wildwood Construction Projects – March 2021

Wildwood Construction Projects – March 2021

It is incredible how there are so many projects taking place all over the Island. As we have mentioned before, this seems like the most construction going on since 2006.

Wildwood Construction Projects - March 2021

Wildwood Construction Projects – March 2021

Six weeks ago I recorded a video showcasing all the projects taking place through-out the entire island! In that video I said we would return ever 4-6 weeks to give you updates.

If you want to watch that video click the link below.

Wildwood Construction Projects – Jan 2021

Since that last video so many more projects popped up around the island! Today we will view more of those projects and check out some of the new ones.

In this video we will hit the following projects (Note, some have a link. Click them for more information)

The Seawall Repair

The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Grounds Project

Oceanside Suites

Surf Motel/Condo

Beach Replenishment

The Residences On Pacific

The New Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel

St Anne’s (Turning Into Condos)

The View Condo/Motel

The Crest Living Room

Sunrise Park Facelift

Sinclair Gas Station

The Singapore Condos

The Ocean Holiday / Mahalo Renovation

ICONA Diamond Beach Renovation

And More!

There are also other projects taking place that we didn’t mention in this video such as;

MudHen Brewing Company Is Expanding!

Doo Wop Museum Is Getting A New Neon Sign!

New Golf Cart Store Opening In Wildwood – Orange Moose Golf Carts

New Restaurant To Take Over Lobster Shack – Nan and Pop’s Kitchen

Middle Thorofare Bridge Replacement Project

The Oceanic Hotel Expansion

Like I said, so many projects going on at the same time!

I will be making bigger videos for some of these projects but if there is one you want a video on let me know in the comment section!

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