N. Wildwood Could See “No Wake” Zones For Streets

It’s no secret that The Wildwoods have a flood problem when it rains. On days where there is a full moon and a rain storm the tide/rain combo causes nightmares for some. The flood waters in parts of town get deep enough that people are able to go kayaking down.

Just recently there was a video that went viral of a New Jersey Transit Bus plowing through a flooded road in North Wildwood. You can see the video below in our flood water video. [Note: these videos are from all over the Wildwoods. Only North Wildwood is suggesting the change at this time] 

This video along with years of complains from home owners over the wake caused by cars as they drive through the waters has prompted something interesting, No wake zones in streets.

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North Wildwood City Council has introduced an ordinance that would create no wake zones on roadways that experience six inches or more of flood waters.

If passes, North Wildwood will become the second town in New Jersey that has the rule. Right now Ship Bottom has it and claims that complaints have dwindled.

North Wildwood City Council will discuss it much further to consider this ordinance in it’s next meeting.

Editor’s Thoughts.

What do you think about this idea? Personally I live on New York Ave and know how bad the flood waters can be. Just last week the North Wildwood Bridge was closed due to the flood water in the entrance of the island.

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