Wildwood Police Officer Retires (Watch Final Sign-off)

Wildwood Police Officer Retires (Watch Final Sign-off)

Wildwood Police Officer Retires (Watch Final Sign-off)

Hey everyone. I am going to take a moment today to share with you a video that is extremely emotion for us down here in Wildwood.

For those who don’t know Wildwood Police Officer Eli then you haven’t spent much time around Wildwood. Eli is one of the most dedicated officers on the Wildwood police force. He is the kind of guy who would do anything to help anyone out. There are countless amount of families who got some kind of help from him. Me personally he gave me a ride home from work one time when it was pouring raining out. That is the kind of guy Eli is. As a side note, I have never seen a police officer smile as much as Eli does.

My main point I am getting to is that Eli is truly a prime example of what a police officer should be.

Just yesterday I learned that Eli took his last sign-off as a police officer after many decades on the force.

For those who don’t know. A sign-off refers to a call over the radio to the dispatcher letting them know that they are done work for the day. In this case Eli was done and was ready for retirement.

Eli we wish you the best and thank you for the many years of dedication that you gave us here in Wildwood. Of course we will still see you running around or out for a swim!

Below we have a video of Eli’s final sign-off. The video is brought to us by the Wildwood Police Department. After Eli’s speech we included the other units wishing him luck.

Make sure you get those tissues in hand.


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