Morey’s Ferris Wheel Turns Into Santa And More!

Morey’s Ferris Wheel Turns Into Santa And More!

Morey’s Ferris Wheel Turns Into Santa And More!

It’s officially the Holiday season here in the Wildwoods. What kicks off the season is when Morey’s Piers turns on it’s ferris wheel and lights up the Wildwood sky with different Christmas and winter themed objects.

For those who don’t know. Every major Holiday Morey’s Piers put’s something on their ferris wheel. For Valentines day they put up Hearts, for Easter they put up an easter bunny and Easter eggs, for 4th of July and Memorial Day the wheel is red white and blue and for Halloween the ferris wheel is a pumpkin, a blood shot eye and a skeleton. (Sorry that was a super long sentence).

For Christmas they really go all out! This year the ferris wheel is a Christmas tree with twinkle lights, a reef with twinkle lights, a snow flake, snow falling, a candy cane circle (like the mint) and Santa!!

We love this tradition of the lighting of the ferris wheel. We love it so much that we decided to film the entire cycle of how the wheel looks.

Next weekend is the Wildwood Christmas Parade. Make sure you mark your calendar and come down. There are so many fun winter events for everyone in the family. It’s right at Byrne Plaza. You can find more information about the events by clicking the link below. 

Wildwood Christmas Parade and More 2018!

Turn your speakers on as we added some Christmas music to it so that it really puts you in the Christmas mood!

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