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N. Wildwood Looks To Road Barriers For Temp Relief

N. Wildwood Looks To Road Barriers For Temp Relief

This story was first reported by our friend PJ Hondros at North Wildwood Beaches.

N. Wildwood Looks To Road Barriers For Temp Relief.

N. Wildwood Looks To Road Barriers For Temp Relief.

Over the past few weeks The Wildwoods beaches have been getting pounded by tropical storms and hurricanes. These storms have created a problem that we, by now, are very familiar with… beach erosion.

This almost annual beach erosion issue has became a normal with the North Wildwood streets, mostly 3rd-11th street.

This past year the City of North Wildwood did everything in it’s power to prepare for these kinds of storms.

It all started with a bulk head project that started right after Labor Day weekend in 2019. This bulkhead extended an existing one that ended on 7th Ave. If you want to read about the bulkhead and watch a drone video about it click the link below.

North Wildwood Bulkhead Construction Update!

The second project they did was a massive beach replacement project which brought sand from the Wildwood beaches. You can watch a video about that by clicking the link below.

How North Wildwood Rebuilt Their Beaches

Now we find ourselves in a situation where the beaches have eroded back down. While a big fix needs time to create a plan and fund it, the city needs a fix right now for future storms including the big ones we normally see in the coming weeks.

For the time being the city added concrete barriers to the 13th street turn. This temporally fix will help keep the waves from crashing on the sand dunes but rather crash on the barriers. This would slow down the erosion of the tunes.

(Photo by PJ Hondros).

The city is working on a fix. According to PJ, “Mayor Patrick Rosenello explained Tuesday that the City of North Wildwood plans to back-pass sand from the City of Wildwood, similar to what was recently done. He also noted that trucks would likely start hauling sand in December or January.”

So be sure to tune back later for more details.

Check out these video below of the eroded beaches.