NEW – 5G Blue Poles in North Wildwood

The Wildwoods have been in season now for the past month (aka since Memorial Day Weekend) and the most common question we are getting is ‘what are these blue poles.”

While we already did an article about a month ago explaining that these poles were 5G nodes, now join us as we give you a video tour of them. If you want to see the full article we did a month ago click the link below.

Explaining The New 5G Poles In The Wildwoods

In summary, these are 5G nodes that cell phone providers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T will use to increase internet speeds for your phone.

Explaining The New 5G Poles In The Wildwoods

Explaining The New 5G Poles In The Wildwoods

If you have ever gone live during the fireworks and noticed that you can’t get service, these poles will help you.

The city of North Wildwood will be installing 32 of these poles with Wildwood also getting some new ones.

There are a few different kinds of nodes. Some that sit on buildings, sit on existing poles, and some require new poles.

Since our last article, we were flooded with questions about them, most of which we answer in the video at the bottom of this page.

The two questions are “why did the city pick this spot for the pole” and “I heard that the new 5G Technology can cause cancer?”

NEW - 5G Blue Poles in North Wildwood

NEW – 5G Blue Poles in North Wildwood

To answer the first one simple, the city doesn’t have any authority on where these poles go. In the US utility companies such as gas, electric, and communications have a ‘right of way’ which allows them to come in and install anything anywhere as long as it benefits the public.

The city had no power over where these poles went but were able to sway the companies to use a pole that allowed up to 5 networks on it.

This is why the poles are so massive. If the city didn’t do this then we could have seen up to 5 different poles (one for each network).

Answering the if 5G give you cancer is the easier question, no.

According to, “Like all mobile technologies, 5G uses radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy to communicate between mobile phones and base stations. This energy is a form of non-ionising radiation similar to FM radio waves and heat. Non-ionising radiation does not damage DNA, unlike cancer-causing ionising radiation such as UV light.”

In our video below we will break down the 5G poles in our area.

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