NEW – Speedy Weenies

There is a new spot to check out on the Wildwood boardwalk if you are on the go. Please welcome Speedy Weenies to the Wildwoods.

Located at 20th and the boardwalk in North Wildwood, Speedy Weenies was created by 20-year-old Quinn Keiser who wanted to open up a tasty food stop.

Their main product is a thin, crispy crust hot dog on a stick! You might call this a corndog but it’s very different.

A Speedy Weenie has a thin layer of batter instead of the thick layer that a corndog normally has. Due to the thin layer, it creates a very crispy treat.

On top of the Speedy Weenies they also sell french fries, ice cream and Philadelphia Water Ice.

Be sure to stop by and give them a try this summer. (and to give their Instagram page a LIKE)

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