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NEW – Morey’s Pier Dante’s Dungeon Refurbishment 2022

NEW – Morey’s Pier Dante’s Dungeon Refurbishment 2022

Morey’s Surfside Pier has now been open for a month and if you haven’t visited yet there have been some changes.

The Balloon Race is finally back after being down for a year, IT received a new light package and Dante’s Dungeon had gotten a massive refurbishment.

Morey's Pier Dante's Dungeon Refurbishment 2022

Morey’s Pier Dante’s Dungeon Refurbishment 2022

When we filmed our “Morey’s Surfside Pier Opening Day” video we mentioned to you that something seemed different. Hinting at the fact that the entire outside was repainted.

With that in mind, we stopped by the other day to show you this amazing renovation. It’s more than just the paint job that is different.

Starting with the paint job you can see the old backdrop, which was a skeleton with his hands up, has changed to a creepy moon. Within the moon, there is a spooky face.

As you pan out you are able to see that all the animatronics have been upgraded and all work. The update included new LED eyes, fixed motors to make them move, and a new smoke machine for Dante.

One of the things that had been broken was both of Dante’s arms. They are both now working but Dante’s left arm is missing its spiked wrecking ball. This looks like it was purposely removed without a return.

On a side note, Dante’s Dungeon may be the only dark ride that will be open this year on the piers. According to our sources, the Pirates of Wildwood and The Ghost Ship will not be open. There is no cause listed as to why.

In the video at the bottom of this page, we break down in detail each new feature plus give you a ride on Dante’s Dungeon.

Watch carefully as there are some changes in the ride that we didn’t mention.

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