New Trains Coming To The Great White

New Trains Coming To The Great White

New Trains Coming To The Great White?

Today Morey’s Piers posted a very interesting article to their website. The article was titled, “How To Buy (Or Perhaps Not Buy) A Roller Coaster.”

As you can tell from the title it totally caught our eyes.

The article details a trip that Jack Morey, and Morey’s COO Geoff Rogers took a few weeks ago in Europe. The article states that there mission was to “Investigate potential new trains (aka, the vehicles in which you sit) for our wooden Great White coaster.”

There main stop was to Ireland’s Tayto Park. This park has the largest wooden coaster in Europe called the Cu Chulainn. It uses state of the art technology when it comes to their wheels and axles. It’s system allows the train to move in a way that it decreases banging at turns. This system was created by the Cincinnati-based Gravity Group.

If all goes well the crew will make their way to Wisconsin Dells park to test ride another coaster that has this system on a track that is similar to the Great White. If they like what they see, or feel, they will purchases the new cars for a cool price of $1 million. Though we wouldn’t see these cars until 2021.

One thing we learned from this article is that Jack and Geoff made a stop in Paris for a IAPPA convention but as the article put it, “was largely for top-secret business we can’t reveal… yet.”

We are excited for what is to come for 2020 at Morey’s Piers. We do know of many of the changes happening on the piers. We can’t wait to share them with you… over time.

Tune back for more info!

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