Saying Goodbye To The Bayview / BrineSaying Goodbye To The Bayview / Brine

For those who don’t know, Brine was a restaurant on Sunset Lake In Wildwood Crest. It’s address is 8100 Bayview Ave. Before it was the Brine it was the Bayview Inn and before that it was the Mariner Inn.

A while ago we told you that Brine (The old Bayview Inn) was going to get demolished for condos. You can read about that article by clicking the link below

What Ever Happened To Brine?

A friend tipped us off that the Bayview / Brine will be demoed very shortly.

Being that we like to document historical things in Wildwood we decided to take a camera and film what the building looks like before it disappears into history.

We asked the demo crew if we could get one last look inside.

Enjoy the final videos of The Bayview / Brine

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