What Ever Happened to Brine?

What Ever Happened to Brine?

What Ever Happened to Brine?

This is a big question that we get a lot on our Facebook pages. “Why hasn’t Brine opened for the season yet?” is another one we get. Let’s go ahead and answer those questions for you right now.

For those who don’t know, Brine was a restaurant on Sunset Lake In Wildwood Crest. It’s address is 8100 Bayview Ave. Before it was the Brine it was the world famous Bayview. This location was known for it’s great drinks and beautiful sunsets.

To start the season off people had been driving to the location for dinner but would arrive to see the lights off and no one around. This is why the questions came in.

Back in November we noticed in the 6th Lower Township Zoning Board meeting notes that 8100 Bayview Ave was a big topic that was discussed. This address of course was the Brine restaurant.

In the meeting their was a new variance application submitted to allow six family dwellings at this location. By the time the meeting was over the board voted to approve the variance.

We go in more detail in the variance application in our original article. You can click the link below to read more about it.

Wildwood Crest’s Brine Could Be Demolished

Now we figured that we could see Brine/Bayview ripped off our maps one day so we decided to do one last tour of the building. Now of course nothing is in stone as of yet but tune back for more updates. Watch the video below.

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