Runaway Tram Update – Finishing Touches

This is extremely exciting. We are T-minus 7 days until the grand opening of the NEWEST roller coaster on the Wildwood boardwalk, “The Runaway Tram!”

On today’s final update on Morey’s Piers “The Runaway Tram” we find that they are putting the last finishing touches on the ride and it’s surroundings.

There are many changes since our last update two weeks ago. If you want to watch that update and compare what has changed, click the link below.

Runaway Tram Update – June 10th

The biggest changes you will see in the video is the installation of the sign, exit steps, platform roof and a few other changes.

Opening day of the coaster will be on Tuesday July 2nd. We will be there to report on it so make sure you say hello! 

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