Wildwood Crest Motel Sold

Wildwood Crest Motel Sold

Wildwood Crest Motel Sold

Summer may be in full swing but there are still big changes happing all over the island. Case in point is what happened this week.

While browsing the property transfers, aka the list showing what properties were sold In the Wildwoods, I stumbled upon a property that looked familiar.

The property transfer file stated that 401 E Toledo Ave sold for $2,025,000 to Lambert Resorts LLC. After looking up the address we found that it belonged to Blue Marlin Motel in Wildwood Crest.

These new owners are now the third owners of The Blue Marlin Motel. The orignal owners kept it from 1965 until 2015. The owners afterwards made some changes including fixing up the sign. We wish the new owners good luck!

As of right now their website does not show any prices for the 2019 season. Voicemails to the motel at the time of this article had not been returned.

While you may think that it’s strange for a motel to sell during the summer, the last motel sold was less than a month ago. You can check that out by clicking the link below.

Wildwood Motel SOLD

Please Tune back in for more information!

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