PigDog Beach Bar BQ Is Expanding!

This weekend was the opening day of Morey’s Mariner’s Pier. This was the first time since the piers closed in October that we were able to walk on the pier and see what was new.

Even though the water parks won’t open for over a month, (Raging Waters Water Park June 9th and Ocean Oasis Water Park June 18th) some folks made their way back to the end of the pier to see the ocean.

Once there many were surprised to see a massive new structure sitting on the beach where PigDog Beach Bar BQ is located.

The photos, which have been provided to us by our friend Mark Mathews, show an expanded deck for more tables and a massive roof.

While this is our favorite, and only Beach Bar in Wildwood, we can see that it’s going to get better.

Check out the photos below.

PigDog Beach Bar BQ Is Expanding!

PigDog Beach Bar BQ Is Expanding!

PigDog Beach Bar BQ has its opening day on Saturday, June 4th giving them plenty of time to get this project done.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on this construction project.

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