PigDog Beach Bar Update

We have an awesome update for you on Morey’s Piers newest beach bar, Pigdog.

If you want to see our first update on the bar use the link below.

Pig Dog Beach Bar UPDATE

First people want to know what PigDog means. Morey’s explain it as;

“(hangin’) Where surfers, beach-goers, BBQ lovers, and locals all go to hang out on the beach. Laid back and dog-friendly, it’s the perfect spot to quench your thirst, satisfy your appetite, and soak up some rays. (hot piggidy dog).”

With this said we learn a-lot about Morey’s new beach bar and are excited for there to be a fun bar where you can bring your best-friend (dogs and humans).

We have a sneak peak at the logos and signs for the Pigdog and local artist, “Peter Billingsley, brings this fun logo to life. As you can tell from the photos the logo is of a half pig and half dog. It’s a fantastic logo!

We also have a rendering of what the finished PigDog Beach Bar will look like.

PigDog Beach Bar Update

PigDog Beach Bar Update

So what do you think? Will you and your four legged friends visit? Give their Facebook page a LIKE

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