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Retro Ed Zaberer’s Commercial Found

Retro Ed Zaberer’s Commercial Found!

Talk about a blast from the past!

Do you remember [The World Famous] Ed Zaberer’s? It was located on the corner of Spruce ave and Maryland ave in North Wildwood.

As you may know I have a bit of a past of trying to save Ed Zaberer’s memorabilia.

I am referring to my 2015 attempt of trying to save one of the two Ed Zaberer’s signs.  You can read about that using the article Link below.

A Landmark’s Death In The Junkyard

As we are the Wildwood Video Archive we are constantly asking for old films, movies and photos so that we can add them to our archives for everyone to see. It’s our way of keeping the history of the Wildwoods alive. Today I have something very special to show you.

Below is the only, as far as I know, surviving commercial for Ed Zaberer’s in North Wildwood. It was filmed in 1985 and aired that entire summer into fall. It really brings you back to the good old day!

I tried to restore it the best I could but due to it being on an old VCR tape this is all I could do.

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