Saturday Nor’Easter Update

Not much as changed since we first gave you our report yesterday. The Nor’Easter will be making it’s way to us a bit sooner, Friday night into Saturday.

It is expected to bring heavy winds and rain totals up to 2+ inches. We are still looking at two possibilities of the storm’s path which would make a difference in how much rain and wind we get.

In scenario one we see a the nor’easter pass about 150 miles off shore. The nor’easter would mostly effect the shore towns up the coast of New Jersey. It would still bring small amounts of tidal flooding to our area with 30 mile-per-hour wind gust and just over an inch of rain.

Scenario two it more serve then scenario one. In this scenario we see the nor’easter much closer to the shore line (roughly 50 miles from Cape May). This will make for higher winds around 39 mph to 50 mph. These winds are equal to a tropical storm. The rain totals will be more around 2+ inches of rain.

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The biggest concern from scenario two is flooding. With the full moon here we are already looking at higher tides. With the 2+ rain we will see more flooding in flood prone areas.

Our friend NorEaster Nick from does a great job going into details about this Nor’easter. Check out his forecast below.

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