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Saving The “E” [Wildwood Neon]

Saving The “E” [Wildwood Neon]

It’s a dream of mine to create a ‘Wildwood Neon Garden,” and while I will go into deeper video into what that would look like, today we are going to be saving a little bit of Wildwood neon history.

Saving The "E" [Wildwood Neon]

Saving The “E” [Wildwood Neon]

Today’s history comes from the The Aztec motel which was built back in 1955.

The Aztec motel had two signs. The first one that came with the motel back in 1955 was the horizontal one on the roof. It’s second one, which is known as a ‘second generation’ sign, was built a little after. and was a vertical sign.

A year back the Aztec motel decided to upgraded their sign from their ‘second generation’ neon sign to an LED one.

Our friend Fred had worked on that sign for many years. For the last 5 years the Aztec motel sign was become a bit hard to manage and so the owner of the Aztec motel went the LED way.

Fred saved the sign from hitting the dumpster.

As you know we are in the business of preserving the history of Wildwood. I started this website to write history articles, digitize 8mm and 16mm films and to record history as it happens in the Wildwoods.

With some of the savings from the We were able to purchase the “E” from the sign! This is our first step towards our Wildwood Neon Garden.

On the day I went to pick up the “E” I brought a camera with me.

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