Saying Goodbye To The Harbor Inn Wildwood

Saying Goodbye To The Harbor Inn Wildwood

Saying Goodbye To The Harbor Inn Wildwood

This past week has really been a tough one for historians such as myself. In one week we saw the demolition of the Lampliter Oceanside Resort (South building) and we learned that the Shamrock would be torn down to become a parking lot for BG Capital’s projects on Pacific ave. 

If you would like to watch those videos click the links below.

Demolishing The Lampliter Motel – Wildwood Crest

Saying Goodbye to the Shamrock – Video Tour

Now we have more devastating news.  The Harbor Inn, located at 219 E Lincoln Ave in Wildwood, is getting torn down starting June 15th. What had been a Boyle family business has seen many changes in it’s 70+ years.

As we are told by the owner, the Wildwood fire department is training inside. This is something that is very common down here.

The more training our first responders have the better they will be when a real fire breaks out.

We attempted to go in and film before the demolition but due to the training taking place via the Wildwood fire department, it made the building a bit dangerous to walk around.

At this time there are a few things being considered at this location such as an outdoor venue but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Tune back later for more details.

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