Sea Foam Motel Becomes Coastal Sands Inn

Back in February 2019 we announced the Sea Foam Motel, located at 4106/4110 Atlantic Ave in Wildwood had been sold for $1,370,000.

At that time their website went offline and their phone was disconnected. In that off-season we noticed someone starting to gut the buildings. We tried to reach out to the owner to find out what was going on with the building and no one got back to us.

Throughout 2019, 2020, and early 2021, we watch one man painstakingly renovate the whole building. He removed the pink and green bathtubs and toilets, redesigned the outside of the building, and renovated every room.

After many years of work, Sea Foam Motel reopened as the Coastal Sands Inn.

We decided to give you a tour of the building PLUS air the footage from 2019 that we hadn’t put online yet.

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