Wildwood Tramcar End of the 2021 Season Schedule

This weekend is the Labor Day weekend or what many people call, the end of the Summer season. 

Wildwood Tramcar End of the 2021 Season Schedule

Wildwood Tramcar End of the 2021 Season Schedule

While is the unofficial end of summer due to kids going back to school, the real last day of summer is on Wednesday, September 22nd.

It’s normally this time of year where businesses down here start letting us know when they plan to close for the season.

Morey’s Piers was the first one to let us know their final dates. Click Here to see their Oktoberfest dates (final dates)

One of the biggest questions we have been getting is “When does the Wildwood Tramcar close for the Season?”

Last year the tramcar had closed for the season on Labor Day Monday. This was due to the pandemic and staffing issues.

This year the tram car will be closing a week later with an alternative week schedule.

They will be open on Labor Day Monday and will close for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They will resume normal operating hours for Friday Saturday.

That Saturday, September 11th, will be their last day of operation for the 2021 summer season.

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