St. Mary By-The-Sea – Property Tour – Cape May Point

St. Mary by-the-Sea has an incredible history here in Cape May Point.

It was first built as the Shoreham hotel in 1889 and then was purchased by the Sisters of St Joseph in 1909 who made it into St Mary by-the-Sea retreat house.

For over 112 years St Mary by-the-Sea has been a staple of the island but at this time its future is uncertain.

Here at the Wildwood Video Archive, we do everything possible to preserve history. We do that by digitalizing 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm films and putting them online for everyone to see.

We also try to save buildings before they are lost to history.

Since the Sisters of St. Joseph haven’t decided yet on what they want to do with the building we wanted to document the entire property.

With the permission of the Sisters of St. Joseph, we got to walk every room and film it for future generations.

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