This Is Why You See Military Planes Fly Low Over The Jersey Shore

Have you ever been sitting on a New Jersey Beach and see a massive military cargo plane flying what seemed to be two thousand feet off the ground in front of you?

There’s an actual good reason why this happens!

This topic was brought to our attention after a video we uploaded. In the video, a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III military plane riding the coastline.

It’s common to see these planes fly over our beaches since planes travel from McGuire Air Force Base to Dover Air Force Base quite frequently. What made it strange was how low to the ground it was flying.

According to our follower, Bradford B, these planes are running a drill that will keep us safe.

These pilots fly low and turn off their radios so they are undetected. Once the Globemaster is a few hours out, the Air Force then sends F-14 jets out to find them.

This was a drill introduced after the September 11th attacks.

This gives our military members experience to track down planes who are flying in the black (no communications).

So now you know!

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