Stone Harbor New Jersey To Ban Drones

Stone Harbor New Jersey To Ban Drones

Stone Harbor New Jersey To Ban Drones

There are a few new ordinances taking place in 2019. One of which is the banning of all drones in the Borough limits of Stone Harbor.

The Ordinance reads;

Per Ordinance #1534 ~ The operation of unmanned aircraft such as model aircraft and civil unmanned aircraft systems, commonly known as drones, can at times pose a hazard to full-scale aircraft in flight and to persons and property on the ground. Imposing community-based safety requirements on the operation of model aircraft and imposing restrictions on the operation of both model aircraft and civil unmanned aircraft systems consistent with federal aviation rules and state law is necessary to mitigate such risks and to protect the public from the hazards associated with the operation of unmanned aircraft.

This comes after the city stated that Stone Harbor Point is a Wildlife Conservation Area and that certain rules should be in place to protect this area.

Also added to restrictions in the area is dogs. No dog or other animal shall be permitted to run free in or upon any public property in the Borough of Stone Harbor. No dogs or other domesticated animals shall be permitted, at any time, whether under leash or running free, in the area south of the 127th Street jetty to Hereford Inlet.

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