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Wildwood 2018: A Year In Review

Wildwood 2018: A Year In Review

2018 is coming to an end so let’s take a moment and jump back in time to all the events we had down here in Wildwood this season.

To recap the year we put together a “Year In Review” video. This video will feature some of the events that we covered this year. The video as at the bottom of the page.

If you want to read the article or see the video for the individual story you can click the link below.

2018 Polar Plunge Recap Video
Watch Ice Crash into Cape May’s Concrete Ship
A Green Philadelphia Eagles Wildwood Sign!!!
Saving North Wildwood’s Beaches 2018
Relighting The Coca-Cola Sign (Video)
Wild Whizzer is NOW OPEN!!!
Memorial Day Weekend Recap 2018
Seaport Pier Opens FRIDAY!!! (See Preview Photos)
Cape May Ferry Sinking (Video)
Wildwood Labor Day 2018 Recap Video
Fireman’s Parade Wildwood New Jersey 2018
Flitzer Farewell Party Recap Video
Wildwood’s Is Getting A New Hotel
Morey’s Piers Oktoberfest Tour!
Morey’s Piers New Coaster “Runaway Tram”

Sit back and enjoy!

Note from Editor:

Thank you so much for making my 2018 an amazing one. I have met some of your this past year and we had a blast. Thank you for your support whether here on the website, on the Facebook Page, our YouTube channel and Instagram. 

It is always my pleasure to give you Wildwood content through-out the year. Feel free to say hi if you see me on the beach or boardwalk!

Also want to tell you that doing this job I get to hear all of your amazing adventures down here. Your stories always bring me joy. To hear the memories you created with your family while on vacation makes me smile.

Lastly I want to leave you with one important thing for 2019. Enjoy everything you do in life. If someone puts you down put your blinders on and keep going your thing. You control your life. Make it amazing!

God bless you in your 2019 adventures! ~Joey