Did a Old Ship Wash Up in Stone Harbor???

Jack Kelleher was talking about at the point of Stone Harbor and came across something in the distance. When he went to investigate it turned out to be wood that was fashioned together with wooden pegs.

After inspecting the wood he noticed that it looks like the hull of an old wooden ship. The wood curves in a way that it looks like it could be one side of a boat’s bow.

In the photo you can also see some of the outer skin of the boat. It looks like it has been there for some time due to how much decay has taken place.

Could this have been sitting on the Stone Harbor under feet of sand or did it just wash up? There are too many question with not many answers at this point.

We dove into old news papers and can’t come up with much.

My guess (Joey) is that it is part of a boat that was sunk by a German U-boat back in 1942.

In our area at that time our beaches were littered with parts of ships as the U-boats would use this fishing lanes to take down commercial vessels.

You can read more about that in our article below about World War II in Wildwood.

Wildwood During World War II

He shared the photos on Facebook to see what everyone thinks it is. At the bottom of this page you can see the photos. Let us know what you think it is. Also share it with your friends. We are really interested to see what it could be. Enjoy!

Did a Old Ship Wash Up in Stone Harbor???

Did a Old Ship Wash Up in Stone Harbor???

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